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If you’re looking for a boy’s scary costume for Halloween 2017, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve taken the top costumes from various online stores in order to bring you the best possible selection to choose from this year. Here we’d like to show you some of these fantastic choices:


Boy's Wicked Scarecrow Costume

This is the Boy’s Wicked Scarecrow Costume. This scary costume comes with everything your child needs to terrify the neighbors. The pullover shirt has a jagged hemline and cuffs with straw-colored fringe and is a burlap style fabric. To give it a true scarecrow look, the costume comes with a 6’ long rope that ties around the waist as well as two shorter ropes for the wrists. The scary mask is molded latex covered with burlap and it secures with an elastic band around the back of the head. Finally, the polyfoam hat with jagged brim and faux suede gloves give it the final details it needs to come to life. But, let’s not forget about the terrifying part – it comes with a plastic toy scythe that is sure to scare more than crows away this Halloween! This child scarecrow costume is perfect for a scary Halloween costume. It comes in child size small (6-8), medium (8-10), large (10-12) and x-large (12-14). These scary costumes are available at for $34.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Creepy Clown Costume

This is the Creepy Clown Costume. Is your little one afraid of clowns? If they answered “No” then they are way more brave than we were at their age! That, or they aren’t scared of clowns because they know the secret to making clowns scared of them. They just need to dress up in this creepy Psycho Clown Costume, and pesky clowns won’t be a problem any longer! This scary costume includes a top with attached collar and skulls, pants, and a glow-in-the-dark mask with hair. This Halloween, the sinister circus is in town and you can be the main attraction in the frightening clown costume! Your kid may want to be careful who they wear this costume around, because it is seriously scary! But if everyone is in on the chilling fun, then this spine-tingling latex mask and creepy clown outfit will bring lots of gasps and laughs to their friends. Add a pair of giant clown shoes for an even more hauntingly hilarious look, and be every clown’s worst nightmare! These scary costumes come in child sizes medium (8-10), large (10-12) and x-large (12-14). They are available at for $26.95. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Kids Bobble Eyes Pumpkin Costume

This is the Kids Bobble Eyes Pumpkin Costume. Forget Jack the Ripper – it’s time to make for Jack-O-Lantern the Ripper! This Halloween your child will be able to bring a little terror (all in fun, of course) to the neighborhood while still representing a Halloween classic that will never go out of style. With all of the history behind these petrifying gourds, this pumpkin costume makes for the perfect Halloween costume for your child. This pumpkin is definitely ready for haunting on Halloween! This Kids Bobble Eyes Pumpkin Costume is a creepy costume that kids will love because it’s not scary- just eerie! The bobble eyeballs really protrude from the lightweight foam mask and mesh covers the mouth of the pumpkin to give you a clear line of sight when your child is out trick-or-treating! Additionally, there is a foam padding along the interior of the mask that makes it comfortable enough to wear all night. Add a toy weapon such as an axe or bloody knife to make this scary costume more menacing! Just make sure to stay away from the pumpkin carver… It comes in child sizes small (4-6), medium (8-10), large (12-14) and x-large (14-16). These scary costumes are available at for $39.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Child Green Scary Jester Costume

This is the Child Green Scary Jester Costume. Are jesters just the silly people in a royal court, dressed up in those ridiculous hats? No, they aren’t silly people. Sure they made jokes, and sang, some even did magic tricks. Some could even juggle balls, and perform great feats of acrobatics. And, one of their best talents was story telling. They were actually quite respected by the royalty. But, what if a jester was a little off? What if he didn’t want to tell political jokes all day? Or, sing songs about great rulers of old? What if the stories they wanted to tell were about the dead rising, or the end o the world? What if they wanted to juggle, only they didn’t want to use something as mundane as balls, but rather something more nefarious? Then you would have a scary jester. And, you know all about things being scary. Your son is obsessed with scaring folks. And, every year he looks forward to Halloween, so he can scare people and not get yelled at. So, this year get him this scary costume, the Green Jester. He can regale his classmates with scary stories, and some frightful songs. Maybe, he can even do some magic tricks, like the old hole in the hand trick or show off a “mummy” finger. He’ll be even more respected by even the coolest kids in the school. These scary costumes come in child sizes small (6-8), medium (8-10), large (10-12) and x-large (12-14). They are available at for $29.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Boy's Mummy Costume

This is the Boy’s Mummy Costume. Of all the undead beings that wander the earth, don’t mummies have it the best? But your kid doesn’t have to take our word for it, when they can just get wrapped up in this Mummy Costume and try out the mummy-life for themselves! Although at first glance mummies may seem just like fancy zombie royalty, deep down they are actually very different. Speaking of “deep down,” the biggest difference is that zombies are full of rotting guts, and mummies have had their bits and pieces taken out as part of the mummification process! Mummies are also well known for wearing their signature bandages as they stumble around the world of the living, while regular old zombies are often seen just wearing whatever they died in. And on the subject of how they died, zombies are usually brought back by some kind of infection, while mummies tend to have curses to thank for their condition. Now, we’d better tell you about how great this scary costume is! They’ve designed it to be easy to put on, with the tattered and worn looking bandages attached to a zip-up jumpsuit, so you don’t have to spend a long time wrapping your little mummy up. There’s even extra bandages that you can cut up and use to customize their look. It’s a spooky style your little one can keep shuffling back to year after year! It comes in child sizes small (6), medium (8-10), large (12-14), x-large (16). These scary costumes are available at for $39.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Kid's the Clown Morphsuit Costume

This is the Kid’s the Clown Morphsuit Costume. They say that the only thing to fear is fear itself. In order to combat the dread nightmares that we face in the midst of our sleep, we must confront those very ghouls directly, face-to-face, and assure those haunts that it is we who are in control of our fears! Of course, that isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many of our fears have sharp teeth, strangely bending limbs or an unusual or excessive number of them, ghastly voices, terrifying faces, eyes… and many of our fears even have all of the above in one giant pile of nope. On the list of the most terrifying things in the known universe, it is surprising how high coulrophobia ranks. But, clowns? Really? They rank above demonic possession, being buried alive, talking to your mother about puberty, and even wasps. How is anything more scary than wasps!? They are flying daggers filled with evil! Even spiders run from them! Well, nevertheless, with clowns ranking so high in terror, it is crucial that we teach our young to try to face them as bravely as they might. Unfortunately for the rest of us, that means that your kiddo might climb into this Kid’s Clown Morphsuit costume to help come to terms with the dreadful comedians. This scary costume is a polyester and spandex stretch fabric jumpsuit printed with nonstop fun swirling colors and menacing clown faces, your tyke will be completely surrounded by these freakish images ensuring that there is no way they could remain afraid of the clown! Of course that means that our own fears of the tooth-filled maniacs are going to be cemented for all time… but at least your kid won’t be afraid! These scary costumes come in child sizes small (6-8), medium (8-10) and large (10-12). They are available at for $39.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Child Death Warrior Costume

This is the Child Death Warrior Costume. It turns out that kids just aren’t afraid of death that much! Your own kiddo can prove it by hopping into the very garb with this Child Death Warrior costume. This scary costume is a slipover tunic that is decorated with tattered hemlines and a pretty intimidating polyurethane breast plate armor. The partial mask is one that will haunt adult memories for ages, especially when the tyke draws up the dark black hood. It is a good thing that kids aren’t that scared, because we can hardly handle it! Build up a resistance to the haunting spook the year and maybe join in your own Dark Death costume. Please note that the pants and gloves not included. These scary costumes come in child sizes small (6), medium (8), large (10) and x-large (12). They are available at for $34.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Wicked Troll Costume

This is the Wicked Troll Costume. We would never, ever cross a bridge if we heard rumors of a troll, or of a toll, or of a troll toll. Not when there are trolls like this lurking about. Just look at those teeth—and that eye! Yuck. You can scare wimps like us with a costume in the troll’s honor. Who knows, maybe they’ll even let you pass their bridge since you look so…erm, familiar. This scary costume features a 100% polyester interlock knit fabric. The tunic has jagged-edged sleeves and hemline. The green fabric is printed with dirt and blood smears. The molded rubber mask is painted as gruesome bearded face. There is a conical red felt hat attached to mask. Add an axe or dagger, green makeup on your hands, and witty non-sequiturs to your arsenal and no one will want to cross your bridge. In fact, we would never, even if there was a fire. In fact, the thought of your green skin is the sole reason we avoid bridges altogether. The rest were simply excuses, so thanks a lot. These scary costumes come in child sizes medium (7-8) and large (10-12). They are available at for $34.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Kids Grave Ghoul Costume

This is the Kids Grave Ghoul Costume. Now your little guy can be a little ghoul with this Kids Grave Ghoul Costume! This is a scary costume for kids that even comes with the creepy mask. Become Hell’s gatekeeper while you wear this costume. Pick up the lantern accessory for the complete look. This ensemble features a polyester black robe enshrouded in mesh tatters. The robe ties in the back. The attached mask fits around the head with an elastic band. The mask has detailed skeleton and mesh eyeholes for vision. The gloves have a skeletal design on top. These scary costumes come in child size medium (8-10) and large (12-14). They are available at for $29.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Child Bleeding Killer Clown Costume

This is the Child Bleeding Killer Clown Costume. Don’t worry about paying for clown college this year. Killer clown instinct comes naturally. Watch your back though, the shenanigans are going to be less predictable when your kid is wearing this scary costume. Your gore enthusiast will have endless amounts of fun with the blood pump hidden in his sleeve. When the pump is squeezed the fake blood spills onto the mask. The costume comes with two ounces, but you might want to get a backup bottle for a refill. Your child will not be able to resist pulling this gory move for family and friends. This costume would work wonders if your child has a place in a haunted maze or house this year, nothing gets more screams than a classic killer clown. Most holidays are about spreading love and cheer. This year, let your child get into the true spirit of Halloween and spread horror and fear. These scary costumes come in child sizes medium and large. They are available at for $44.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Child Headless Boy Costume

This is the Child Headless Boy Costume. He’s the stuff that nightmares are made of. Let your child get horrific this Halloween in this Headless Boy Costume for kids. With the illusion of a floating head, he’ll be sure to give everyone goosebumps and chills! Being headless is never easy. Clothes just don’t fit right. You can never wear a hoodie or a baseball cap. Plus, all that coagulating blood is messy. No one wants to stand too close to you for fear you will drip on them. They say kids can be so mean, but try walking down a school hallway without a head. If you thought someone calling you ‘Brace Face’ or ‘Four Eyes’ was bad, try listening to ‘Dead Head’ and ‘Stubby Neck Freak’ all day long. And, don’t even get me started on trying to eat lunch in the cafeteria. Never mind that a headless kid doesn’t actually need to eat anymore — what, with being the living dead and all. It’s hard to hold a lunch tray, maneuver through the line, and carry your head all at the same time. Plus, the whole running joke that the 8th graders have about you and the infamous ‘Mystery Meat’ selection that the lunch ladies always serve up at the end of the month is enough to make you want to crawl into the nearest unoccupied grave. Sometimes it’s easier to just skip lunch altogether, but recess is not much better. The headless kid is always the last one picked for teams, even the guy with the asthma inhaler gets picked before you. That’s one of the reasons this scary costume is so awesome. It’s long and flowing with a harness underneath to support everything. It may not be perfect, but helps you blend in with the living a little better. These scary costumes come in child standard size. They are available at for $28.95. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Kids Evil Jester Costume

This is the Kids Evil Jester Costume. Jesters are fun, right?! They’re like if someone took a clown, an acrobat, and a stand up comedian, and squished them together into a one-man party starter. What if a little “evil” got mixed in there, too? We don’t want to think about how spooky that would be, but your kid can dress up in this Evil Jester Costume and spread some scares instead of laughs! This scary costume is sure to add the right vibe to your little one’s creepy court jester routine. The black and red colors on the outfit seem innocent enough, but one look at the devilish skull mask will make everyone nervous about their next trick. Will they do a juggling act, or tell a joke, or something much more sinister? Whatever it is, it’ll be a scream! These scary costumes come in adult sizes x-small (4-6), small (6-8), medium (8-10).large (10-12) and x-large (12-14). They are available at for $24.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Boys Swamp Monster Costume

This is the Boys Swamp Monster Costume. Emerge from the swamp as a putrid corpse this Halloween with this eerie zombie costume! With a costume this scary, you’ll be ready to run a muck this Halloween! We took a vote and decided that you were the best household to raise the new … adorable bud. We know you’ll find an excellent spot for this Boy’s Swamp Monster costume and will do a splendid job nurturing its unique nature. This scary costume is a polyester green and black colored shirt and pant combo that has vine-like fringe and a comfortable elastic waistline to keep your little monster from growing too far out of control. These scary costumes come in child sizes medium, large and x-large. They are available at for $32.95. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Deluxe Inflatable Child Godzilla Costume

This is the Deluxe Inflatable Child Godzilla Costume. One night this summer you were up late. Unable to sleep, so you put on the TV. You flipped through the channels, finding nothing on. Clicking the up button after only a few flashes of the program. Until something flashed black and white. You accidentally clicked past it. Frantically you pressed the down button a couple times. The title credits were scrolling by, the shrieking violin playing. Kojira, the subtitles read. You didn’t realize your son had woken up. He saw the flickering light from the television in the living room. Quietly he got out of bed. Stepped over the creaky floor board. He stood behind you watching as Kojira destroyed Tokyo for the first time. The hairs on the back of your neck started to tingle. You turned and saw him standing there in the dark room, his face illuminated by the black and white images on screen. You motioned him over to sit on the couch with you. And watched the old film together. It has become one of the things you two share. So, when he asked to be Godzilla for Halloween, you searched the internet for the perfect scary costume. Then you came here and found this Deluxe Inflatable Child Godzilla Costume. It’s perfect. It captures the original Kojira feel, and it looks a little scary like Godzilla should. And, don’t worry, your son, with all his weird smells, can easily perfect the Atomic Breath. These scary costumes come in child standard size. They are available at for $54.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Child Werewolf Costume

This is the Child Werewolf Costume. Does your child sometimes scratch behind his ears? Does he stare at the moon longingly? Does he get an unfulfillable hunger each month? Have you ever thought your child could be a werewolf? If you’ve never considered it before, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at your child’s habits! If they do demonstrate some of these characteristics, then it’s a great time to help their external look match how they feel inside. This kids werewolf costume is a great way to give them the look they want this Halloween! Not only will they look like the intimidating werewolf that they feel like inside, but they’ll also be ready to show off their look to everyone in the neighborhood. Howl at the moon all night long in this Child Werewolf Costume, and prove that the folk tales are true! This scary costume comes with the essential pieces you need to become a werewolf this Halloween. The look starts with a tattered white, black, and green plaid shirt with grey faux fur coming through the holes of the shirt. The padded shoulders of the shirt give it extra bulk to make you even more intimidating when you head out for the night. The crowning jewel of this costume, however, is the realistic werewolf mask that is covered in grey faux fur and has a detailed latex face. Transform from your normal self to a frightful Halloween creature by simply adding this costume to your own jeans and hiking boots or sneakers. It comes in child sizes x-small, small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large. These scary costumes are available at for $34.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Kids Skeleton Zombie Costume

This is the Kids Skeleton Zombie Costume. It’s all fun, and games until someone gets bitten. Your kid has always been a fan of anything even remotely scary. So, you knew when he discovered zombies you were going to be in for a fright. He loves to hide behind doors, and jump out at you. He loves putting fake spiders in weird places. So, you know he will want to be one of the dead who walk among us. He will get bitten by the zombie bug. He will study the way zombies walk. The slight drag of the left foot. Arms held out in front, reaching for the squishy pink brains of anyone nearby. He will practice the grunts, and moans of the undead creatures. Waiting for his turn to be one of them. His turn to taste gummy brains. This Halloween let him embrace his scary side. Give him this scary costume so that he can join the legions of the undead. He will be impressed by the frightful decaying bones, ready to go scare all your neighbors into giving him chocolate. His candy bag held in one of his outstretched hands. Walking with the perfect limp, the one he practiced all month. And if you are feeling in the mood you can even make him a strawberry-kiwi Jell-o brain. A little treat for your zombie to sink his little teeth into. These scary costumes come in adult sizes small (4-6), medium (8-10) and large (12-14). It is available at for $39.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Kids Living Dead Zombie Costume

This is the Kids Living Dead Zombie Costume. Kids zombie costumes come in all sizes and styles and this Kids Living Dead Zombie Costume is the perfect mix of the classic and modern zombie look. This scary costume comes complete with all of the gruesome details you’d expect from a classic zombie costume, but with enough modern comforts that they can move around easily on all of their Halloween adventures. This kid’s zombie costume is a shirt and pants combo. The pants have an elastic waist for a comfortable fit and the top and pants have matching gray and black poly blend fabric. The molded chest piece attaches with Velcro at the shoulders and gives the costumes it’s from-the-grave look. Finally, the molded vinyl mask has slits for the eyes for clear vision and is held in place with an elastic strap. The gory details truly set this full zombie costume apart from the others. Add black boots and gloves to complete the look. Your child will look like they just emerged from the crypt with this realistic costume. No need for any zombie makeup – this costume and mask combo has your child covered this Halloween or for a fun night out in the neighborhood! These scary costumes come in adult sizes small (6-8), medium (8-10), large (10-12) and x-large (12-14). They are available at for $34.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Fade Eye Desert Dweller Costume

This is the Fade Eye Desert Dweller Costume. This mysteriously scary costume will keep everyone guessing. This Fade Eye Desert Dweller costume for kids features a brown robe, hood, belt, gloves, and a glasses with glowing eyes that’s sure to give everyone a fright when they see you coming towards them at night. The fade eye glasses mechanism operates on three AA batteries, which are not included. These scary costumes come in child sizes small, medium and large. They are available at for $24.95. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Pharaoh's Revenge Costume

This is the Pharaoh’s Revenge Costume. An ancient Egyptian curse has brought this mummified pharaoh back from the dead and he’s seeking vengeance. Your child can transform into a horrifying mummy in this child Pharaoh’s Revenge costume. This scary costume features the shirt with an attached hood, a collar, pants, a belt with drapes and tabard, cuffs, a character mask and a chest piece. These scary costumes come in child sizes medium, large and x-large. They are available at for $32.95. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Evil Bobble Head Jester Costume

This is the Evil Bobble Head Jester Costume. What does your kid want to be when he grows up? A jester? Hmm, we don’t know if the job market for that gig is very healthy but if it’s his passion he might as well explore it. Lucky for you, we have a large selection of clown and jester ensembles for you to choose from. So there’s our cheery rainbow collection, popular among circus clowns. . . not quite right? Well, how about Patches, the sad clown? No? You think he’d want something eviler, the scariest jester we have in fact? Hmm, interesting take on the jesting job, maybe he’ll find his niche after all. We do have quite an evil looking solution for your enterprising goofball. We often get offers to explore costume collections. A while ago a magician had disappeared from the old theater that he had made his home. This theater was said to be haunted long before the magician lived there so after his disappearance the city was going to tear the theater down. Before they did they called us to clean out the magician’s extensive costume collection. This scary costume was the last costume we found tucked into the back of a closet in a box that said: “Don’t Open”. Sound perfect? Well, so glad we could help! Honestly, none of that’s true. But this jester’s oversized skull head is so creepy it totally could be. With oversized skeleton hands and a black and red ensemble, this fellow is sure to scare up some screams while trick-or-treating this Halloween. Hey, scaring is a form of entertainment. At least for one night, your kid’s career as a jester will truly shine! These scary costumes come in child sizes medium and large. They are available at for $49.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Child's Sinister Jester Costume

This is the Child’s Sinister Jester Costume. Sometimes life gives you lemons. And some people seem to think that happiness is a big old pile of money, so they’ll tell you that times like these are perfect for opening a chain of lemonade stands. But at your age, it can be really tough to get a corporate empire off the ground—let alone file the appropriate paperwork. Don’t worry, though: you could always turn the tables just by dressing in a scary costume like this- the terrifying Child’s Sinister Jester Costume! You hear that, everybody? The joke’s on you! Nobody gets to tell us what to do with an unforeseen surplus of citrus! Now you’re going to have to put up with our corniest, most groan-inducing jokes until we’re sure you’ve had your daily dose of Vitamin C. And in case it’s been a while since you reviewed the latest dietary guidelines, you need a lot of it! So we could be here a while. Especially since knock-knock jokes aren’t exactly packed with nutrition! Mua-ha-ha! Wow, maybe we should look into a couple of these costumes for ourselves. Who knew that wearing a black-and-red jester suit with a nefarious skull mask could be so cathartic? And who knew that we had all that rage underneath our characteristic playfulness and optimism? Not us! But we’ll sort that out later: right now, we’ve got to make sure you get one of these awesome outfits. They look great, and they’ll really put you in touch with your inner chaotic prankster! These scary costumes come in child sizes small, medium, large and x-large. They are available at for $29.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


We hope you’ve been able to find the perfect Scary Costume and we thank you for shopping here! Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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