See Our Top Scary Costumes for Halloween Below:

If you’re looking for a woman’s scary costume for Halloween 2017, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve taken the top costumes from various online stores in order to bring you the best possible selection to choose from this year. Here we’d like to show you some of these fantastic choices:


Adult Bloody Mary Costume

This is the Adult Bloody Mary Costume. We dare you to go into the bathroom, shut off all the lights, look into the mirror and say “Bloody Mary” three times in a row. When you turn the lights back on, your face won’t be staring back at you. Instead, you’ll find a demonic woman with a blood saturated face in the mirror. Yup, you guessed it…it’s Bloody Mary! You’ve most likely heard the famous urban legend about Bloody Mary. Over 100 years ago there was a witch practicing black magic. When the townspeople found out of her wicked ways, they murdered her and now her spirit haunts anyone who dares to call her name. Now you can bring this infamous urban legend to life by dressing as the vengeful witch. Everyone will take one look at your bloody eyes and they’ll think that the woman from the folklore tale is alive and looking for her next victim. Blood-curdling screams will ensue! And, for now, you can be the haunter rather than the haunted by stepping into this costume. It is a great costume option for someone looking for a great scary costume that is familiar to many. The black long sleeve dress is tattered on the ends and the sleeves. A clear fabric is attached to the dress and comes up around the neck. A Victorian choker necklace gives this costume the proper finishing touch. You’ll want a long black wig with gray stripes and lots of fake blood makeup. Make sure to put the blood running down your eyes. You could be as bloody as you want so you can distribute the makeup as generously as you deem fit. After all, you are dressed as the one and only Bloody Mary, the woman that has inspired a ton of nightmares and spawned an urban legend that is still being recited at sleepovers all around the world! These scary costumes come in adult sizes small, medium, large and x-large. They are available at for $49.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Adult Broken Doll Costume

This is the Adult Broken Doll Costume. You know how you loved dolls when you were little, but after growing up you find them more than a little creepy? Dressing up in this Broken Doll Costume is the perfect way to channel some of that creepiness into your own spooky antics! We don’t mind if you dress up in this scary costume to give all your friends the chills! This gothic style doll outfit comes with nearly everything you’ll need to give off your own spooky vibes. The cracked patterns on the sleeves and leggings, and the partial face mask give you a broken porcelain look, and the dark, vintage style dress makes you appear like you’re from a haunted, bygone time. Add an eerie doll wig and some Mary Jane style shoes to complete this unsettling look, but do us a solid and don’t sneak up on us while you’re wearing it, okay? These scary costumes come in adult sizes x-small, small, medium, large and x-large. They are available at for $39.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Women's Ghost Costume

This is the Women’s Ghost Costume. Orange may be the new black, but for the spirit realm, gray is where it’s at. For the last several centuries, ghosts and demons alike have preferred the traditional slimming and classically frightening black for their otherworldly garb. Not only does it hide zombie guts and blood splatter from messy vampire attacks, but it is extremely effective at helping to scare pesky peasants. Plus, black allows one to hide in the shadows located in dark corners of poorly lit rooms, at the top of the stairs, and even at the edge of an ominous forest. Yet, up and coming phantoms and the recently undead are eschewing the traditional black in favor of the much more flattering gray, which complements pale, bloodless skin better. Gray also hides cobwebs well and anyone who has every spent the night in a coffin knows that spiders leave cobwebs everywhere. Plus, you may have been a ‘summer’ in life but, in the afterlife, everyone’s color palette is death. Your rotting green flesh is best accentuated by this new color trend. Embrace this new look with an ankle length dress featuring a tattered hemline and a trendy capelet. This scary costume offers just the right combination of glamour and gloom that well-dressed spirits love. Plus, the veiled hat and glovelets allow you to bring a certain amount of sophistication to your hauntings. These scary costumes come in adult sizes small, standard and x-large. They are available at for $34.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Women's Creepy Scarecrow Costume

This is the Women’s Creepy Scarecrow Costume. The life of a scarecrow isn’t easy. They work long hours in all sorts of weather. Their job is isolated and not varied in any sense of the word. They’ve got one job and they do it without complaint. . . most of the time. This scary costume will harvest plenty of fear this autumn. For someone who’s been hanging in the field all year, you don’t look bad at all but it’s about time you left that corny job behind. Maybe next summer you can find work as a clown. Everyone loves a clown, right? This outfit features a tunic, collar, hat, rope, belt, scythe and make-up tutorial booklet. These scary costumes come in adult sizes x-small, small, medium, large and x-large. They are available at for $39.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Voodoo Skeleton Women's Costume

This is the Voodoo Skeleton Women’s Costume. So, you’d like to become a Voodoo practitioner? We’ll warn you, it’s not an easy process. We get why you’d want to learn the ways of Voodoo. How many times can you share a bottle of wine with a broken hearted friend without wanting to exact some revenge? Wouldn’t it be nice to be more than a shoulder to cry on? It would be great to have a little power. Of course, we know you’d only use your Voodoo for good, right? The first thing you’ll learn when you go to that swampy Voodoo University, a t-shirt and jeans just won’t cut it when you’re mixing up love potion number 9. No, you’ve got to wear something with a little more pizzazz, a little mystery. You’ll impress your witch doctor professor when you show up for your potion finals in this ensemble, in fact, you could probably just skip the University and pick up this ensemble. The skeleton jumpsuit with the formal coattails lets the world know you’re serious about your Voodoo work. The corset and hat simply add to the charm, and what’s a Voodoo queen without her charm? Next time your heartbroken friend comes to call you’ll have more to offer that old fish in the sea trope. These scary costumes come in adult sizes small, medium, large and x-large. They are available at for $59.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Women's Voodoo Doll Costume

This is the Women’s Voodoo Doll Costume. So we’ve always wondered about this scary costume. As a voodoo doll, is someone else controlling you with a smaller version of a doll dressed as you who is already dressed as a voodoo doll? Or are you dressed as a life-sized voodoo doll of somebody else so someone can use you to control the other person? Do you just control yourself dressed as a voodoo doll of someone else and control that someone else? This voodoo doll costume comes with everything you need to get the perfect look for Halloween. It starts with the tan dress with black details and sewn-on black stitching. The attached white skirt has red trim for added detail and the included voodoo doll accessory takes this costume to the next level. Whatever kind of ritualistic creation you’d like to be, just grab some black heels and maybe a pair of torn up or fishnet stockings along with all the black and white makeup you own. Just, whatever you do, don’t take any pieces of our hair and try to control us! These scary costumes come in adult sizes x-small, small, medium, large and x-large. They are available at for $49.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


The Corpse Bride Costume

This is the The Corpse Bride Costume. We spend much of our lives planning for the Special Day. We want the music to be right, the perfect flowers, the right venue… There are so many details that many of us beginning planning before we even hit our teenage years and keep refining the plans for the perfect wedding ceremony and reception up until we are ready to walk down that aisle. On that most perfect day, our hearts are full with love and hope and the knowledge that everything is going to be pure bliss in only moments…The travesty of breaking vows and, worse, breaking hearts can cause a spirit to nearly be shattered and may never recover. Such was the tragic tale of poor Emily. But, there is always hope that a kind hearted man might restore what was lost and set right what went so wrong. You might aid the Emily in her quest to find true love by stepping into her role with this Corpse Bride costume. This scary costume is a stretch knit dress that is ruffled edged and has printed flowers along the gauze overlay of the skirt. Lace fingerless gloves give just a hint of the spiritual realm, but the wig is truly out of this world, a supernatural blue that seems to command the Realm of the Dead to watch over any potential unions and assure that they go as planned this time! These scary costumes come in adult sizes small/medium and medium/large. They are available at for $78.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Women's Killer Clown Costume

This is the Women’s Killer Clown Costume. Nothing about clowns seems to add up. Were they ever funny? People seem to think that at some point during human history, clowns were amusing, but we can’t even remember the last time that we found one to be entertaining. They’re usually more terrifying than anything. That’s why we think it’s best if we stop trying to perpetuate this idea that clowns are humorous and just embrace the fact that they’re creepy beings that deserve to be the subject of horror movies. And we think that you’re the right girl for that job! The first step to making sure that the world stays terrified of clowns is getting the right look. This scary costume for women is the right start. It comes with an asymmetrical black and white toned dress. The footless tights have a polka dot theme on one leg and a striped theme on the other, which perfectly matches the dress. Just place the matching hat on your head and you’ll be ready to “entertain” a few victims! Of course, you won’t want to stop there with your look. If you really want to keep the audience utterly speechless, then you’re going to need a few extra accessories. A set of makeup will let you create your own unique and gruesome clown-face and nothing tells the audience that you’re a straight nightmare like a toy knife accessory. Combine those with this clown costume and no one will remember why clowns were every considering funny in the first place. These scary costumes come in adult sizes small and large. It is available at for $39.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Adult Gothic Mummy Costume

This is the Adult Gothic Mummy Costume. Ahhh… Doesn’t it feel nice to step up and stretch out your legs. I can’t even imagine how sore and stiff your joints must be from laying so still for so long. But then again, we humans and mummies have so much to learn about one another, eh? At least you’ll stay nice and wrapped up for protection while you go out in this scary costume. After all of your time being…uh…dead (sorry there is no nice way to say that) you may need a bit of buffering from the modern world. To sum it up, things are pretty crazy and everyone carries tiny computers in their pockets that hold all the knowledge of the world (and more than a few cat memes). We think it might be a bit overwhelming and maybe even a tad bit of a downer. But on the upside, this dark and disheveled look will likely be just the thing for your re-entry. That’s because this gauzy getup gives you the slightest hint of mummy-hood, but in a fun, approachable way! After all, you’re going to need some friends if you hope to make it in the modern world, trust us. And yes, we are sure there will be tons of young archaeologists chasing after you, but we’ll be sure to show you how to block them from your phone. These scary costumes come in adult sizes x-small, small, medium, large and x-large. They are available at for $29.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Miss Scissorhands Costume

This is the Miss Scissorhands Costume. Several of the monstrously kind creatures of our favorite stories are simply misunderstood. They live their lives out in isolation, generally, and their efforts to make friends and family are met with scorn and fear. Kind as they might be in the depth of their hearts, it is that isolation that makes them just a little uncertain of how to act in proper society. But, who can blame them if all they ever get to know of culture is what they see through shaded windows or hear through dusty vents!? Of course, we all know the story of the Frankenstein Monster… a confused creature brought into life without any real chance of integration down at the local pub hall. Fortunately, for all beings on the planet, there is a soul mate… one who understands the difficult road that has been walked and can join to make the rest of the journey a bit happier. So, when Miss Scissorhands was revealed to exist, we knew that she must have had a similar life of limited isolation. Now it is time for you to head out there and do your best to integrate with society in this scary costume. Everyone knows that you have the best intentions and your slit black dress, wild black curls, and sleevelets are going to blend in fine. Your gray and red foamed scissor hands might take a little more getting used to, but we’re sure that you’ll do great in your efforts to blend in. Just wait until you’re really comfortable before offering to slice up anyone’s dinner! These scary costumes come in adult sizes small, medium and large. They are available at for $49.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Adult Graveyard Ghost  Costume

This is the Adult Graveyard Ghost Costume. Life is hard! We all know that, generally because we’re all alive. No matter what station in life you hold, there’s someone who has expectations for you that’s going to be trying to live up to, others who you are responsible for that are going to be exceptionally demanding, and to make things worse there are those other two certainties: death and taxes! Not only do we have to worry about tithing a share of our life to sources more powerful than we, but we’re all given a pretty strong certainty that, in the end, it’s going to be over! But, the dead don’t have it that much easier. Even after we move into the next realm, there are still rules. Fortunately, we hear, there is a handbook that the recently deceased are able to acquire that helps them through the trying transition, but we also hear that it’s pretty big and is hardly an exciting read. But, you could always give a call out for a local agent who can help you along. Someone who’s been there a while. A ghost that knows what’s what and can keep your afterlife exciting. It’s showtime and you’ve got a spotlight right on you. Good thing we have the perfect outfit in this scary costume. Comfortable interlock knit fabric will keep you looking great for your afterlife with this black and white striped getup including cutaway jacket, back tails, matching leggings, and a crisp black neck tie choker. All you need now are some supernatural aids to show off your otherworldly powers! These scary costumes come in adult sizes small, medium, large and x- large. They are available at for $49.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Victorian Ghost Bride  Costume

This is the Victorian Ghost Bride Costume. Oh, our wedding day… one of the most important days of our lives! We spend so many years planning it and many of us start right from our childhood days. First, we have to have the right flowers. Lilies! They’re the best—white, pure, lovely. And, the guests!? Where will they sit, how will they dance, and what kind of music shall we play? Harp music, no doubt… something hauntingly beautiful. And, when the night finally comes, we are prepared. We have the boquet ready, the dress in perfect white beauty. But, where is the groom? Where are the guests? And, what is this strange ache that we simply cannot quite dismiss? Nervousness? No… Of course, we know the sad truth of this tale. For, we never saw that special day, stolen away from us by trick happenstance. But, the night comes when we have a chance to try once again. All Hallows Eve, when the spirits of the past can walk the land in pursuits of joy once more. This year, it is time to return to the land of the living in hopes of finding your groom and convincing him to fulfill your heart’s wish. With this Victorian Ghost Bride costume, you are ready to reenact the night that should have been your happiest. This scary costume features a long white dress with gray mesh overlay that shows both the once perfect bridal gown and how it has lost just a touch of its luster thanks to the many years of haunting the wedding grounds. Despite its age, the gown has not lost one hint of its perfect shape, though gray age does take a little from the purity of your veil as well. Still, a sweet smile and the right approach can do wonders! Accessorize with something old, something new, something gray-blue… and perhaps you might borrow the heart of the one you seek! These scary costumes come in adult standard size. They are available at for $69.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Womens Batty Vampire Costume

This is the Womens Batty Vampire Costume. Hear-ye, hear-ye everyone must now bow down to the Mother of Bats. Her ancient powers make her capable of controlling the nocturnal creatures to do her bidding and she has them do all sorts of sinister tasks. For instance, she sends her beloved bat babies to collect blood from unsuspecting humans. Human blood keeps the Mother of Bats looking youthful and beautiful while also giving her the ability to maintain her powers. She drinks the blood and the more she drinks the more sensational her special abilities become. For example, when she’s at full capacity with fresh blood, not only is she able to control bats, but she’s also able to control the mind of any human being too. You don’t want to mess with the Mother of Bats because she always gets what she wants…always!Right now the Mother of Bats wants to look fashionable. From what we can see, her powers have made her the most stylish vamp yet to date. With a see-through long sleeves on a full-length black gown, her new look is absolutely killer. She slays in this scary costume, complete with a large red collar and matching belt. Her cape attaches to her fingers with a finger loop. The ruby pendant in the center adds a dazzling, yet simplistic touch, to her bite-worthy ensemble. If you’re thinking about venturing out into the blackness of the night, we recommend wearing this batty vampire costume. If looks could kill, you’ll slay everyone you come into contact with, so sink your teeth into this ravishing costume this Halloween! It comes in adult sizes small, medium, large and x-large. These scary costumes are available at for $39.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Womens Ms Bones Costume

This is the Womens Ms Bones Costume. Being the most elegant at a costume party isn’t enough for you and neither is being the eeriest. You want to go out this Halloween with the perfect balance of creepy and classy, don’t you? Well then, there is no need to look any further because we’ve got the best scary costume for you! Check out this Women’s Ms. Bones Costume. Enter the party scene this year as the most sophisticated spook anyone has ever met. You’ll be as beautiful as you are mysterious with this alluring outfit on. The bones printed on the bodice, petticoat, and fingerless elbow-length gloves stand out like stars in the night sky. There is even a blood red heart printed behind the ribcage! Yikes, talk about haunting. To make this attire even more bone-chilling, add a few accessories. Grab a fancy top hat to wear atop your head, get your hands on some ghoulish jewelry to place around your neck, and complete this terrifying transformation with a daunting skeletal makeover. You’ll be the ultimate gothic diva and others won’t know whether to ask you to dance or to keep a safe distance away from you. So if you’re ready to be known as the scariest mistress in all the land, grab this dress and glove combo! Before you know it, word will spread about the eerie and ever so elegant Ms. Bones. You’ll be on party lists all around town, and people will be dying to have an appearance from you at their next big bash! These scary costumes come in adult sizes small, medium, large and x-large. It is available at for $59.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Drop Dead Prom Queen Costume

This is the Drop Dead Prom Queen Costume. Ever since the zombie apocalypse, we’ve noticed a few things. Firstly, when zombies go to school, they’re great listeners. As long as they have snacks in front of them at all times, they never interrupt the teachers. Also, with zombie students, there is far less drama. Seems as though no one has the energy to gossip or fight which means everyone gets along great. Lastly, when it comes to dancing, everyone is amazing at the undead shuffle. Speaking of dancing, the Zombie Prom is this week. Sounds like it’ll be quite the event with an undead band, decrepit decorations, and decaying food. All of the most popular zombies are sure to be there. You should really consider shambling over at some point. As a matter of fact, we think you’d be a shoe-in for Prom Queen. Just put on an outfit like this scary costume. Note the fancy blue sequined dress? And how it’s shredded and covered in stains? Other zombies really like that. They can tell you work hard to get what you want (brains), and that you know how to look good while doing it. This outfit even comes with stained gloves, a “Drop Dead Gorgeous” sash, and a tiara/knife headband! You’ll be the deadest belle of the ball for sure! Now just don’t forget a decent pair of shambling shoes… These scary costumes come in adult sizes small, medium, large and x-large. They are available at for $39.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Women's Spirit of the Seas Ghost Pirate Costume

This is the Women’s Spirit of the Seas Ghost Pirate Costume. You have to give pirates credit for some creative means of death. Between walking the plank, getting keelhauled, and being marooned on a desert island, if you happened to die under a pirate flag, you at least were left with a pretty cool story for the afterlife. And if that afterlife included coming back to take care of unfinished business, all the better. If there’s anything cooler to put on your resume than “pirate,” it’s “pirate ghost.” Strike fear into the hearts of the so-called fearless scourges of the sea in this scary costume, featuring an interlock front with lace overlay, foam bra cups, a teardrop neckline, and crushed velvet corset with faux lacing. The skirt has a base of white jersey with layers of gray and white tulle, lace, and tattered jersey. The lace sleeves feature elastic bands and ribbon bows for an eerie textured effect. Top it off with a crushed velvet foam hat for a haunting look that will make a certain crew regret ever having left you out at sea. These scary costumes come in adult standard size. They are available at for $49.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Womens Elegant Vampiress Costume

This is the Womens Elegant Vampiress Costume. Nobility and regal style has always been synonymous with some of the most legendary of creatures of the night, especially when we are fortunate enough to discover one of the feminine rulers of the night. Those that transcend time from the noble age of Versailles, for example, bring dark stories that are still whispered about even now. Fortunately, we can all hold firm with some comfort, knowing that those vampire queens wouldn’t dare leave the comfort and safety of their ancient ruined castles. Surely, they wouldn’t have gone traveling elsewhere, right? We’re… safe? Well, obviously we don’t have any problems with such noble vampire lasses such as yourself. So, with all of that confusion resolved, we can turn immediately to the most important point. You! And… anything that you would like us to do, of course! We know that just because you might spend a small share of your time drinking blood and plotting to find new victims… ideally ones that look nothing like us… we know that you still want to lead a life of elegance and that requires the right sort of décor in the castle and the perfect wardrobe for your immortal bod. Offer your willing (and fearful) subjects a visage of your glory in this scary costume. The pullover dress has an adjustable string corset in the front and features a lovely pattern of sheer lace and glitter that overlays the vivid red gown. A Victorian cowl rises from your neck and the deep neck allows you to display clearly any remaining vampire nibbles or offers the perfect place for an ancient-looking vampiric pendant. Oh, Noble Majesty, have mercy on we simple plebeians, for your elegance will surely earn you any victim of your choosing this night! These scary costumes come in adult sizes small, medium and large. They are available at for $79.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Womens Soul Seeker Costume

This is the Womens Soul Seeker Costume. Just because you have a haunting disposition doesn’t mean you can’t also look enchanting at the same time. In fact, that could make capturing an unsuspecting soul even easier! Go to your next costume party in this creepy Soul Seeker Costume, and everyone will feel a chill run down their spine when you arrive… While ghosts floating around with big, white sheets over them may seem like an old stereotype, those spooks may actually be onto something. But instead of just a plain bed sheet draped on their head, a captivating specter could wear a ghostly white, full length dress, with eerie figures and designs incorporated into the fluttering fabric. And as if that didn’t already sound creepy enough, a hooded cape that matches the dress could make a spirit look even more hauntingly beautiful. All this alluring apparition would have to do is hypnotize her prey into a false sense of calm, and then that soul will be easy pickings. Whew, did anyone else get goosebumps just now? You can see what we mean by your fellow party guests feeling a little uneasy when you’re gliding around the room in this lovely but dreadfully scary costume. The matching dress and cape are made of polyester (instead of ectoplasm), and feature ghastly blue designs printed along the bottom half. Whether you’re wearing it by itself, or with pale makeup and deathly eye shadow to look as cold as a grave, you’re sure to put a chill on everyone’s spirits (but in a good way)! These scary costumes come in adult standard size. They are available at for $29.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Womens Lily Munster Costume

This is the Womens Lily Munster Costume. When you are on Mockingbird Lane you’ll no doubt notice the house numbered 1313. This gothic wonder to that sticks out in the neighborhood gets its look due to all the hard work that Lily Munster has put into it. She has spend hours making sure the cobwebs are just right and that there is just the right about of grimness to it. And after a hard day’s work of making the Munster home look just right she relaxes with her wonderful husband Herman. This Halloween you can transform into the leader of America’s first family of fright in this scary costume. The velvety soft pink tulle dress will have you looking as if you jumped right out of the TV, except for you’ll be in color of course. Don’t have that luxurious long black with white accents? No problem! We also will give you the iconic wig so you can resemble the classic creepy character to a T. These scary costumes come in adult standard size. They are available at for $49.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Frightful Clown Women's Costume

This is the Frightful Clown Women’s Costume. It’s been a few days since the circus left town. You can still picture the big top tent, the glowing Ferris Wheel, and of course that clown that had followed you everywhere from the peanuts to the stands and even out to your car. It’s strange but when you were leaving work yesterday you could swear you saw her standing on the corner near your building, looking at you. When the circus left this clown behind something in her came loose and now she’s acting a little funny. Well, let’s be honest, she was always a little bananas. Now that there’s no other clowns driving her around in tiny cars or distracting her with balloon hats there’s no telling what she’ll do. She’s definitely looking a little worse for wear, and where did she get those creepy skull buttons? All you know is now she’s loose in your town with a chip on her shoulder. Reawaken that deep seated fear of clowns in all your friends this Halloween. This scary costume is at once both spooky and cute, sound like anyone you know? With a big polka dot bow, this clown started off with good intentions but somewhere along the way she went dreadfully awry. He ruff necked tunic is worn and ragged with skulls where her happy pom-poms should be. Her striped leggings have some serious holes in them, from what? We don’t want to know. The only thing you have to do to make this ensemble complete is order yourself a wig and apply some creepy makeup and you’re ready for the Halloween bash. This party clown is sure to scare your friends silly. These scary costumes come in adult sizes small, medium, large and x-large. It is available at for $39.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Lace Miss Darkness Adult Costume

This is the Lace Miss Darkness Adult Costume. What if the world were reversed and all things bright and sunny were seen as super scary, and all things dark and mysterious made us feel warm and fuzzy? Well, then, we’d be living in your dream world! Claim your place as the Monarch of Dark and own up to your powerful love of the night. Since your favorite color is black, you enjoy horror movies just a little too much, and your second favorite color is black, this Lace Miss Darkness Adult Costume really suits your personal style. No doubt about it, this look will send a clear message: I live by my own rules. You keep bats as pets, exercise by strolling through the cemetery, and dine in the darkest recess of your creaky old estate. So dab a bit of baking powder on your face, you fearsome vixen, because we want you looking extra pale, Goth, and haunted tonight. This scary costume features a form fitting dress that is made for a maven of moonlight, such as yourself. Just make sure to dust the cobwebs off it before you zip it up–or not; we totally trust your accessorizing. But we recommend a heavy, ink-black eyeliner, super-long, jet-black hair, and chilling coal-black lips to truly accentuate the eeriness of this sheath’s jagged hem and draping sleeves. Some peppy people like to remind us that “there is always a silver lining,” but we think a dark shadow–in capable hands, such as yours–is just peachy, too. These scary costumes come in adult sizes small, medium and large. They are available at for $54.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Women's Haunting Beauty Costume

This is the Women’s Haunting Beauty Costume. Life never seems to turn out the way we plan it. And if yours took an ugly turn right there at the end, we’d like to offer our condolences. But just because your body is toast doesn’t mean your soul is quite ready to shuffle off this mortal coil. So we prefer not to think about death as the final twist: we see it as one last chance for a person to reinvent themselves! That’s where this Women’s Haunting Beauty Costume comes in!In your final moments, it may have felt like your hands were tied—or maybe you were really chained up. But the bonds that might have hastened your demise don’t have to hold you back forever! Now that you’re floating fun and fancy free, these links are just another glittery accessory. And the same goes for that tattered dress. We hope whatever shredded it didn’t hurt too much! But we can’t help but notice that all the dangling fabric is pretty fashionable. In the right light, that old dismal gray looks just like pale lavender! Hey, take all the time you need to grieve. Let heaven and earth quake with your righteous fury! But when you’re finished, don’t forget to turn that frown upside-down. Because there’s still a lot of fun to be had in an ethereal outfit like this, especially now that you can walk through walls and possess household appliances. Just think of all the phantasmal pranks you’ll be able to pull on all your old pals! These scary costumes come in adult sizes x-small, small, medium, large and x-large. It is available at for $49.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Women's Voodoo Cutie CostumeWomen’s Voodoo Cutie Costume. Go do that voodoo that you do so well…” Yep, it’s just like the song says. You have the power to mystify. You have the power to hypnotize. You have others living ‘neath your spell. All because you do that voodoo so well. Wait – what? Well??? Does that mean good??? You do voodoo for good? For positive results? That’s right! You know that not all voodoo dolls are for casting evil spells. And when you’re all dressed up in this Women’s Voodoo Cutie Scary Costume, you’ll look so adorable that everybody will believe you’re making good magic or just being cute while you’re hanging out at the Halloween party this year. Turning yourself into a voodoo cutie is easy. Just pop on the knit polyester dress, which has a built-in petticoat to make it pouf out perfectly. The mesh sleeves and neck inset will give you a bewitching look that’s rather sweet. The dress is already tattered and torn looking and has applique felt sutures, printed patches and a sweet red heart with pins already in it so nobody needs to poke you. Add the hair clip and you’re all ready to cast those good spells and go do that voodoo that you do so well. Everyone will love you for it. And if you “happen” to slip in a spell against an ex-boyfriend…well, we won’t tell anyone! The wig, gloves and tights are all available separately, but just look at how cutely they complete the voodoo doll spell you’ll cast! These scary costumes come in adult sizes x-small, small, medium and large. They are available at for $34.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


Gothic Rag Doll Costume

This is the Gothic Rag Doll Costume. Things have definitely gotten a little bit darker for you, Raggedy Ann… Did you and Andy break up? I kind of like this new you. Plus, now that you’re not as perky, you can go out and have some real fun! Cause a little mayhem has a creepy dolly with this Gothic Rag Doll Costume. This scary costume features the dress, apron, bloomers and a wig. It comes in adult sizes x-small, small, medium, large and x-large. These scary costumes are available at for $34.99. Please click on the image to purchase or for more details.


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